#MediaProfessionals Assignment No. 5

Bonus: ABS-CBN Strengthens Their Digital Landscape

Topic: Media Ownership/Media Issues

No where but to go digital.

ABS-CBN Corporation solidifies and expands its horizon to new platforms in the digital arena.

In 2015, the broadcast network had launched their Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) box, TV Plus, which has eleven channels such as ABS-CBN Channel 2 –the flagship channel of ABS-CBN Corporation, MYX, O Shopping, Jeepney TV, Movie Central, Asianovela, Cinemo, Yey!, DZMM Teleradyo, Knowledge Channel, and S+A (Sports and Action) Channel.

In the same year, ABS-CBN HD was launched and can be accessed in Sky Cable, which is also a Lopez owned company.

In 2018, the broadcasting company relaunched its streaming service, IWant. The streaming service revamped its feature from just being an ‘archive of television shows’ and live-streaming kind of application to a fully ‘Over The Top’ (OTT) or ‘On-demand’ streaming service with original ABS-CBN digital contents, improved and exclusive live streaming features such as UAAP games and Miss Universe, as well as according to ABS-CBN Digital Head, Elaine Uy, a ‘healthy archive’ of Star Cinema and restored classic films, concerts, and not to forget new and old ABS-CBN Channel 2 programs.

This year, 2019, ABS-CBN Corporation continues to expand their content not just with their own streaming service but it is expanding its content distribution on other live streaming service such as Netflix. Netflix has recently added Star Cinema films, which is ABS-CBN’s film arm. And now, its International Sales Distribution (ISD) department is in negotiation with the content distribution of their flagship channel’s aired programs.

Star Cinema movies on Netflix Screenshot 1
Star Cinema movies on Netflix Screenshot 2

Revamping of their live streaming service and expanding content distribution. Are these moves for a unclear broadcast franchise approval that is set to expire by 2020? Circumstances are shaky for their free broadcast franchise but one thing is clear, ABS-CBN Corporation is solidifying their foundation in the digital arena just in case the odds of broadcast franchise will not be in their favor.



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