#MediaProfessionals Assignment No. 3

Topic: Fact Checking Organizations

International Media Integration to counter Fake News

Facebook together with media organizations from the Philippines and India integrated in taking a higher task for social responsibility and combating fake news in keeping the public interest.

In the Philippines, Tsek.ph was launched February 11, 2019 through the efforts of media organizations and selected universities that aim to promote factual information and combat fake news, specifically, for this upcoming Senatorial election, through a fact-checking online project.

Supported by the Facebook Journalism Project, Meedan, and Macanas Journalism Grant, media organizations such as STAR, Philstar.com, Interaksyon, ABS-CBN, Central Luzon TV (CLTV36), MindaNews, Probe productions, Rappler, VERA Files together with the academe from University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila Universit,y and De La Salle University, pursued this project because of 2016’s Presidential Elections which ‘fake news’, and other forms of misinformation and disinformation were rampant via social media accounts to influence voter’s choices and ‘deceive the public and undermine debates’.

In India, Facebook teamed up with five tech giants, India Today Group, Vishvas.news, Factly, Newsmobile, and Fact Crescendo, to review and filter news stories posted for facts and rate their accuracy. This partnership in widening a fact-checking program was made ahead for the country’s upcoming general elections by May.

Flagged fake news posts by these certified fact-checking international networks and Facebook will be moved to the bottom part of the posts by users that will decrease their ability for advertisements and monetary support.

These movements are positive notions for a socially responsible media in keeping the public interest on its right path, not just for a media literate society but, for a building better and hopefully great communities.

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